Seven years ago I was thinking

It’s October 27th, and seven years ago I was thinking about five days hence, November 1st. I was hoping I would begin a stint of writing every day for the month of November and complete 50,000 words as part of the National Novel Writing Month challenge. I’d thought about doing this several times, but this was the first year I was actually ready mentally to take art. I had a few ideas, and I wrote about what I was vaguely planning:

Three more days until the start of national Novel Writing in a Month starts… on November 1st. I’ve  been mulling over various ideas… and there are quite a few promising thoughts which have been turning themselves over in my mind. I really do fancy writing a story in a different genre from usual… but not his year, I don’t think I’m well enough prepared. I did think about waiting until Friday and seeing what happens… but I have a fear nothing might happen, or drivel might happen, so I have a plan.
I am going to attack my story of the Radwinter family; the family want to explore their roots and a new fiancée is an amateur genealogist and sets to the task… I have already written a couple of practice chapters, but that is what they are, practices because NaNoWriMo is all about writing, not cheating by starting it early. So I won’t look at what I’ve written, except what is stored in my head and I will start afresh on Friday.
In preparation I have been doing a little research; I think the original Radwinter will have come to England from Europe in the 1830’s; there was plenty or turmoil on the continent to drive a young man away to start a new life in somewhere relatively stable like England… I think he may have come from the edge of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in what is now Poland or Russia or the Ukraine… I have been looking at various places, and making a few little plans, no actual writing, no cheating, just research!
I’ll let you know how it goes… but of course I might abandon this and start something completely different on Friday!

How differently it turned out! Yes, I wrote about the Radwinter family, and yes there was a new fiancée, but she didn’t do any genealogical research, a sudden and unexpected new much younger brother turned up, and he was the one that started on what turned out to be a life changing journey for him. I’m interested to see that I already had the idea of an eastern Europe connection and that I ad done a little research.

When November 1st came the story took off like a rocket and it practically wrote itself, although it did need a lot of editing and revision, of course! When I started writing it it was going to be a one off, a stand alone, and I never ever thought of writing a sequel, let alone a series! So as I approach Nano this year I have a few vague ideas, but who really knows what story lies ahead, not me!


  1. gentraveling

    I have an author friend that got her jumpstart because of NaNoWriMo. Ever since hearing about it, I think of doing it – but I guess I’m not dedicated enough. I’m quite impressed with people who are! Good luck and I’m looking forward to reading your updates.

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    1. Lois

      Thanks so much! It took me a couple of years of thinking about it before I took the big leap! When I didn’t do it last year I felt quite lost – so fingers crossed that I manage this time round. It is great fun, especially if you can find some buddies! Even if I don’t get to the target, I guess I still will have written more than if I hadn’t even tried!

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