As a beautifier,the lemon has many uses

I’ve been reading through the ‘Fruit and Health’ booklet I found in a second hand shop. Published by the Fruit Traders Association, probably in about 1924, as well as recipes, information on how fruit helps keep a bod healthy – some of which is very outdated, but most of which is still true, there comes a list of handy hints and helpful uses of fruit for other purposes. Sylvia Wayne, who wrote the recipes, has this as one of her “lemon-aids”:

As a beautifier, too, the lemon has many uses. Mixed in equal proportions with pure olive oil, it makes one of the best possible complexion “creams”, cleansing and feeding the pores of the skin and generally improving its condition. The same mixture is excellent as a remover of dandruff from he scalp, and also helps to keep the hair from falling. The juice of a lemon added to the rinsing water after a shampoo helps to brighten the hair and accentuate its colourings. It will be found that if lemons are heated on top of the stove, or better still, placed in an oven for a few minutes, they will yield twice as much juice as they would without this treatment. With all these many uses, the lemon should be considered one of the most necessary factors in every household.

I had a friend who had beautiful very dark hair, and she noticed how beautiful and shiny the hair of some Greek ladies who worked in a local delicatessen was. She asked them about it and they said they used olive oil. This was long before it was as common and popular as it is now and not something everyone had at home. My friend bought some and poured it over her hair as you might pour water when washing… The result was not quite as she expected, her hair was clogged and stuck together in clumps and became impossible to brush or comb. I think it took a lot of shampoo to remove. I wondered afterwards if maybe the Greek ladies meant they had a lot of olive oil in their diet; if they did actually use it on their hair, I’m sure it was applied as we would apply other hair products, little by little!  These days many beauty products are advertised as containing ‘natural’ ingredients, including fruit juices and oils from different nuts and other sources. I’m sure Sylvia Wayne would be delighted.

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