Lunging about

Sometimes I can hardly believe that I’ve bothered to even glance through what I’ve written when I come across so many errors and mistakes when I do eventually read it. I do check through what I’ve written, I read it a couple of times, run it through a spell check, even mumble it aloud to myself – and yet, and yet still I find stupid typos, repetitive use of words, sentences that don’t make sense, or make the wrong sense.

Someone very kindly commented on one of my posts, I daren’t even say which one, and as I read it through again, glowing with their praise, to my annoyance and almost horror I found not just a couple of little things but ridiculous,stupid embarrassing errors. Why did I use the word ‘that’ three times in one sentence? How on earth could I have read it through and not seen I’d written ass instead of as? And worse still, and actually, it did make me chuckle, use lunge instead of lounge? Lunging about is so different from lounging about, and what a different scene it conjures?!

I have to admit I don’t check my blog posts as much as I check my stories – maybe I should but I do run out of writing time. With my novels I run spellchecks, I read them through silently, I read them through out loud, I read the chapters in reverse order, I put what I’ve written into a different format, and even change the font. I do all i can, including asking others to read what I’ve written for me, and yet still, my books are published and there are the mistakes shouting at me from the page.

I’m sure there’s a writing version of a boggart – you know the household creature who tries to be helpful by tidying things away in the wrong place, rearranging arranged things in an unhelpful order, mismatching pairs of things. I’m sure there’s a grammar gremlin and a punctuation pixy who conspire to insert errors rather than deleting them. I will continue to do my best and hope my readers are understanding, and maybe amused!

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