Lost for words… lost words…

Well here it is, day seven of the National Novel Writing Month, November when you challenge yourself to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I’ve been going for it every year since 2012, and only failed once and that was last year when all my writing seemed a struggle. Nothing daunted I decided to have a go again this year, and all was going very well.

I decided for various reasons, that I would wake at six and bash out as much as I could in an hour, and then later I would bash out some more. All was going very well, and I was happy to see although not storming ahead, I was comfortably on target. Then something went awry, suddenly things were all to cock. I had somehow lost a few thousand words, and duplicated whole chapters which totally confused my word count.

What went wrong? What did I do? How did it happen?

How infuriating, how absolutely infuriating, and now what I’ve written is in a muddle so needs unpicking. I lost my words and I’m lost for words! Lost for words… I wonder who first said that, not meaning forgetting what you’re talking about is one thing, but losing the power of speech through shock or surprise. Well whoever said it first, was spot on.Oh well, teeth gritting time, and I must get back to replacing the lost words, and hope it hasn’t set me back in my target of 50,000!


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