A word from my childhood

Apparently, seven years ago, I bought some groats!

I was in a very nice health food shop yesterday and came across a packet of groats…groats! A word from my childhood, either as the few coins the poor hero of a fairy tale might have, or as a meal of nourishing but lowly food a peasant in a similar story might be eating, from a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon by an open fire, no doubt.

A groat as a coin was a little silver piece worth fourpence… I didn’t realise that but I do actually remember my grandparents having silver fourpenny pieces, not to use but just as souvenirs among the odd buttons, collar studs, and little bits and pieces… in fact I might even still have one in a hidden away box of ‘stuff’.

Edible groats are the whole grain of cereals such as wheat, barley, oats or rye… the ones I bought are oat groats. When I bought them yesterday I had no idea how to cook them, or what to use them for, but I guessed they would need a lot of cooking, possibly after soaking, and then be made into a porridge like dish with milk, or as a savoury  dish, similar maybe to a paella, or risotto, or maybe even like pearly barley might be used in soups, stews, or with meat such as roast lamb. I have looked up some recipes, and I was pretty much correct in my thoughts… so now I have to decide what to do… and first I think I will try the breakfast porridge-style option… but I will make sure I cook them long and slow!


  1. Anthony Garner

    Ah! I cooked and ate some oat groats yesterday. I only boiled them for 40 minutes and ate them with a little pumpkin seed oil and salt. Wonderful for the digestion and much nicer than millet seed which my wife has now banned since I had bought a sack of bird seed (IE not for human consumption white millet. The oat groats are wonderful!


    1. Lois

      I must try that, it sounds delicious! I did like millet, but haven’t had it for a while – it was the human kind, I always think of our budgie from when we were children when I eat it!


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