I shouldn’t have done it(iii)

Here is the third and final part of my story, “I shouldn’t have done it”. You may want to read the previous two instalments:



Pansy had come to the school last autumn and Goodrich had bullied her from the moment she arrived. We hadn’t been much kinder to her, a new girl and awkward, not like us, but we’d never been as mean as Goodrich. We’d been messing around in the drama studio, a random bunch of us, my pals mostly but for some reason Tommo and Pansy were there too. We were prancing around in outfits from the costume wardrobe, ball gowns, doublets, ridiculous hats, stupid tatty wigs and Pansy had decked out the tailor’s dummy. We’d immediately seen who it was meant to be, the black hair, strings of beads, with the crude red gash of lipstick for a mouth, and eyes drawn with a pen so they leaked in streaky tears down the white fabric cheeks.
I’d jokingly dared Pansy to put ‘her’ in Goodrich’s room… I’d never meant, I’d never guessed she would…
Goodrich was always late, so we had been sitting there, giggling almost hysterically, waiting for her to sweep in, never for one moment thinking… stupid, stupid girls that we were…
She had taken one horrified look at it and utter silence had descended on the thirty girls. What on earth had we expected? What on earth did we think she would do, or say?
Pansy was sitting directly in front of me and I saw her beginning to tremble, shivering with fear as Goodrich turned to face us, her face ugly with hatred. She opened her mouth and it was then I stood and spoke out.
What else could I have done?

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