I shouldn’t have done it (i)

This is the first part of a story I wrote for our writing group:

I shouldn’t have done it, I knew I shouldn’t have, but it just seemed to be the obvious thing to do… at the time. Later it seemed the obvious thing not to do… but that’s me, plunge in without a second thought, or if there was a second thought it was the wrong second thought.
“It was me, I did it!” I said, actually standing up.
There was a collective gasp and then I heard someone titter. It was probably Turps, she was prone to nervous giggling.
“How – how – how dare you!!!!” screamed Mrs Goodrich, her face even redder than normal.
The people in front of me had all turned round and were gaping at me. I didn’t actually look at their faces, I couldn’t look at their faces, but I knew some were amazed, some were trying not to laugh, some were horrified, but Pansy, Pansy was staring at me, white as a sheet. That’s a cliché, real writers shouldn’t use clichés. I’m not a real writer I’m a girl who wants to be a writer. All these and many other thoughts were flashing though my brain faster than light.
“You vile, horrible, nasty girl!” Mrs Goodrich screeched. She was really losing it, really losing it big time and I began to feel a terrible trembling rush of hot fear at what might happen. “You beastly, cowardly, ugly wretch!”
There was a huge horrified gasp from the class and all those before me who had been staring at me, spun round to look at Mrs Goodrich.
“That’s not on!” someone behind me said, probably Tommy, she might not be my friend but she was not afraid to stand up for herself or others.
“Shut up! You’re in detention every night next week, Thompson! Come here Livia Stewart, come here!”
I didn’t move for a moment but Goodrich began to head towards the desks and I had this vision of her advancing on me and grabbing me and either throwing me to the ground, so great was her rage, or grabbing me by some part of my clothes or my body and dragging me to the front.
I dodged behind Sandy who was next to me and headed up to the front a different way. I half saw Pansy trying to stand up and heard her say something. Joyce who was sitting next to her pulled her to sit down again. Everything was simultaneously happening in slow motion so I could see and hear these things, but also happening really quickly.
I got to the front and Goodrich headed towards me and then suddenly slapped me hard across my face. The whole class gasped and I heard Tommo shout out ‘you can’t do that, you bitch!’
Fortunately for her I don’t think Goodrich heard, she was utterly incensed, panting and sweating, her hair unravelling for the bun on the top of her head.

What would have happened next I have no idea, but I don’t think it would have ended well for me, or for Tommo.


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