At this time of the evening of the last day of the year, I usually reflect on what has happened over the last twelve months, the things which haven’t gone as well as we might be wished, and those things – expected and unexpected which have brought joy, laughter, happiness and a feeling of success and contentment. This year I don’t feel there is much point in dwelling on the negatives, everyone knows what they are, and some of those negatives are very grim indeed.

So what has happened for me this year which I can look back on and feel pleased about? Although I haven’t seen my cousins all year we have been in touch, and there are two new baby cousins who I’m looking forward to meeting for the first time when I can. Two other new babies have arrived for close friends and it’s wonderful that I can see the progress of all these dear little ones on social media. My own family has remained well although I have not seen my sister all year until Christmas Eve; she is well looked after and cared for and fortunately although very pleased to see me, she’s unaware of how long it is since we last met.

I’ve kept in touch with all my friends, and there have been times over the summer when we were able to meet and spend time together, although sometimes at a distance.  Through Zoom and similar it’s possible to meet as a group, and for my writing group this has been great as we share our stories and other writing, and for my reading group we can catch up with the gossip as well as books.

Our village has been very busy – it’s become a popular place for visitors to walk, cycle and go on the beach. It’s wonderful to live in a place which has so much to offer, although the down side is traffic, cars parked everywhere, litter, and unfortunately some irresponsible behaviour. But never mind, Uphill is a lovely village and will be even lovelier when the Dolphin and the Ship are able to reopen.

I have continued to write, finishing my novel Winterdyke, completing the National Novel Writing Month challenge of 50,000 words, publishing four of my eBooks as paperbacks, writing short stories for my writing groups, and of course blogging here.

We have been very lucky in many ways, and we are very aware of that, and are very thankful.

2020 is drawing to a close and we’re looking forward to a New Year – let’s hope with all our hearts that 2021 will be a happier, safer, more positive year for all.

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