Coming soon: Thirty days, thirty posts: 

I came across a list of challenges, and I  can’t now remember where I found it,  on a page to do with archaeology I think, but it was a suggestion for thirty days of writing prompts. Over the last couple of years a fellow blogger and writing friend and I have been challenging ourselves to write each one of 73 blog suggestions from a list we came across. We managed the first twenty-five with only a couple of difficulties which were about vlogging and podcasting, neither of which we had any experience of. We looked at the next twenty-five suggestions and they were very dull and repetitive, so we created our own list. I’m about halfway through the next list, but somehow I’ve run out of steam with it – and so has my chum. I will go back to it, meanwhile I need a new challenge – new year, new idea – I will have a go at doing these thirty challenges, one a day for thirty days. I will start next Tuesday, my birthday and see how I get on. This is what I hope I will be writing about:

  1. a new challenge
  2. a future challenge
  3. a creative challenge
  4. a communication challenge
  5. a challenging door
  6.  a challenging move
  7. a challenging place
  8. decolonisation challenge
  9. circle challenge
  10. memory challenge
  11. community challenge
  12. a challenging point
  13.  a gender challenge
  14. a hidden challenge
  15.  a treasure challenge
  16. a corner challenge
  17.  a folklore (Thursday) challenge
  18. a discovery challenge
  19. a fashion challenge
  20.  a challenging gift
  21.  a reinterpretation challenge
  22.  a red challenge
  23.  an identity challenge
  24.  a scientific challenge
  25.  a respect challenge
  26.  a cultural challenge
  27. a story telling challenge
  28.  a friendship challenge/a challenging friendship
  29. a challenging theory
  30.  a protest challenge

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