Strange and extraordinary things happen

Here’s a little taster from my next Radwinter novel, which will probably be ready late summer early autumn this year. Set in 2019, Thomas Radwinter is commissioned with seemingly harmless tasks – to find out what really happened to a man who mysteriously disappeared from the seafront hotel he owned with his wife  and thought to have fallen into the sea, and an dear old lady who seems to have been a neat and tidy but geriatric squatter who also unexpectedly disappears leaving her beloved dog Tony with unsuspecting neighbours. However, if you have read any of Thomas’s other adventures, you’ll know that the most ordinary research project can take an unexpected and often dangerous turn. Fate deals some very unexpected cards, strange and extraordinary things happen to Thomas…

All I could hear was the car alarm almost deafening me. I was engulfed by the air bag and so shocked I could barely think what to do.
Then the door was opened and someone was shouting was I alright. Yes, actually I do believe I was. I managed to take the key out of the ignition and undo the seatbelt and crawl out of the car. I was on my hands and knees and someone was helping me up asking again if I was alright. Winded and a bit shocked but yes, unharmed… and my car? Yes that also was completely unscratched unbumped undamaged… which was more than could be said for the dead beast which lay in the carriageway, it’s dead legs stiffly in the air, it’s dead eyes looking accusingly at me.
I was in no way responsible, I assured it silently.
A crowd had gathered and it too was silent, phoned out, taking pictures and videos of the extraordinary scene.
“Oi, you!” I turned to face an aggressive kid of about twenty addressing me. “What the f*** did you stop for?”
I pointed wordlessly at the dead cow, being still in shock and unable to think of a reply which wouldn’t sound sarcastic or aggressive.
“F***ing twat!! Why didn’t you driver round it!!”
I guess adrenalin was pumping because from being in a dazed shock I was suddenly suffused with a total rage.
“You stupid little Herbert! It wasn’t just lying there in the road, it fell from the sky, right there in front of me! I’m damned lucky I didn’t drive straight into it!”
And I took a step towards him ready to do goodness knows what and he unexpectedly quailed back. In retrospect I must have seemed mad, a cow falling from the sky and a dead cow at that, all stiff with its rigid legs pointing skywards and that accusing look in its glazed eye.
The bloke stepped back from me with a strange expression, almost of fear on his face.
“Sorry guv, sorry mate, yeah I was driving too close, my fault,” he said waving his hands in a placatory fashion.
Gosh, I didn’t know I was so intimidating !
“OK, no harm done…” I said severely, I didn’t want to lose my advantage, whatever that was. I stood watching him jump in his car, reverse and gently drive round me with an ingratiating smile and a friendly wave.

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