I am exactly halfway on my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge – when I write today’s post; I blog every day but usually I just choose whatever I want to write about, this is something different – 30 random titles/topics I found on a list somewhere.  Here’s what I have done since January 12th, my start date:

  1. new
  2. future
  3. creative
  4. communication
  5. door
  6. move
  7. place
  8. decolonisation
  9. circle
  10. memory
  11. community
  12. point
  13. gender
  14. hidden
  15. treasure
  16. Treasure


It’s no joke being called Treasure. I don’t mean as an endearment, ‘Oh thank you treasure, thank you sweetheart!’  I mean my actual name is Treasure. It’s not my surname – that’s bad enough, embarrassing enough – and I apologise to other people who also have the surname Fanshaw, not that many of them do, far more Fanshawes and Featherstonehaughs-pronounced-Fanshawe. And that’s another thing, when I give my name, Fanshaw, people guffaw and say oh you mean Feather-stone-haw, and how do you spell that then!  And I have to say, no I mean Fanshaw – that is Fan-shaw no ‘e’. So having to cope with that and then to say oh and my first name is Treasure, well, I have seen grown men crying with laughter and weaker individuals actually wetting themselves. It’s not funny.

So having got a surname which is so simple and yet provokes such confusion and comment, I would welcome a name like John or Stephen or Peter, but no, I’m Treasure. I don’t even have a middle name. When I started secondary school I asked if I could be called John or Stephen or Peter, and my mum wrote to the head teacher, but he said I should be proud of having an unusual name, and then he added, that I should treasure it… No wonder my school career was less than distinguished, I was quite a naughty boy to be honest, and nearly every time I was told off, somehow my name would come into it. I nearly got kicked out just before my exams for a fight with a boy who had made my life a misery. I discovered his middle name was Winkey and I decided to announce it in assembly. He caught up with me in the cloaks but I was expecting him and he came off worse, not just from the punch-up with me, but the fact that everyone now knew his middle name. I felt a bit sorry for him to be honest, but he really was a bit of a prick anyway.

Things picked up when I went to college; I’d worked out quite a bit at school, beefed up some, but had avoided being part of anything which might draw more attention to myself. I got over that and on my first day at college, some guy asked if I wanted to join the rugby club – I’d not distinguished myself at sport in school, but somehow it was different in college and the guy whose name was John Johnson, known as Jonjon, called me Tresh and so did everyone else. Jonjon became my best mate and the rugby team started to improve which he said was down to me, which was nice to be singled out for praise and being good at something. Jonjon had a little mate, a speedy winger named Celeste; yes I know that’s a girl’s name but he was Celeste Brodie and no-one messed with him, hard as nails and his specialty was punch and run.

So the next thing was Celeste’s mate Dion was in a band and got kicked out and he and Celeste started their own, and somehow I got dragged into it because I was the loudest singer they knew. I had no idea Jonjon could play the piano, he’d kept that quiet, and then there was Dion’s sisters Ayanna and Tianna and somehow we became a band and to be honest, the rest is history, well-known history if you look on our Wikipedia page. By the way, if you haven’t come across us we’re Treasure, and if you wonder where Treasure Fanshaw is you’ll probably guess I’m Tresh Treshure, I changed it by deed pole.

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