This is what we did last January, just an ordinary Sunday…

January 26th 2020

I used to wander down to the Dolphin to see our friends the 2 T’s on my own, sometimes with daughter when she wasn’t working. Now husband’s shanty band have changed their practice night and he wanders down with me. For some reason we were a little later leaving home than usual; it was a damp night but not actually raining so every wet thing was sparkly in the street lights. As we wandered along we caught up with things, because even though we live in the same house, eat at the same table, sleep in the same bed, somehow we don’t always catch up with each other’s news.

When we arrived the T’s were in our usual place, but only a few sips into their cider which they now drink instead of beer. Drinks bought and first sup supped, we caught up with news. The most exciting thing, one T has got a new car; we had hired the same model last year and thought it a great car to drive so were pleased and envious of him. He is shortly away on holiday to Spain so had pictures of his apartment to show us, but also had news that he has booked to go with his wife to Turkey later in the year.

The other T was busy with one of the pub dogs, Tim, a jug (Jack Russel X pug)  who was leaning up against the wall next to where we were sitting, demanding strokes. As usual, in pleasant company in a pub, our chat covered many different things, our own news, village gossip, old customs, roads, travel, holidays, family… all the usual range of topics.

The pub landlady Alice is raising funds for a charity in Nepal, and we all entered the raffle for this worthy cause, but also hoping to win the hamper which was the prize! In the past I have written about Hobphin, a music festival held at the Dolphin to raise money for the charity, Shiva which works to support and help people in Nepal, who desperately need support after the devastating earthquake of 2015

It’s a very practical charity, working with local people and enabling them to change their own lives in the face of such traumatic events as the earthquake. The Dolphin is trying to raise funds to send local people, including landlady Alice, to Nepal to actually work on these projects. Just in case you feel inclined to help, here is a link:

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