Corn soup

I shared this, around this time, several years ago:

We’re nearly at the end of April but I came across a suggested menu for the month in my ninety+ year old cookery book. It has a lovely little introduction:

April – Spring is on its way – and we can use the first bluebells  with daffodils to give our table a festive air. With mats of Normandy lace – a pretty scheme.

Here is the suggested menu:

corn soup
leg of English lamb and mint sauce
new potatoes
spring cabbage
pineapple pie
anchovy fingers

The anchovy fingers are what’s known as a savoury, a common things in pre-war dinner parties but all that now remains is cheese and biscuits. Corn soup is something I’ve not come across in English cooking – maybe I just haven’t looked, but it sounds really nice! With a few adjustments to suit our taste, I think I might try it, but I have altered the recipe slightly as the original suggests you boil the sweet corn for half an hour!:

Corn soup

  • 1 lb sweet corn (tinned or frozen – but defrosted if frozen!)
  • 1¼ chicken or vegetable stock
  • 2 oz butter
  • 1 onion (small or medium, depending on how much you like onion flavour!) finely chopped
  • ¾ oz flour
  • 1¾ pint milk
  • seasoning
  1. fry the onion in 1 of the ounces of butter until it’s soft, making sure it doesn’t colour
  2. put corn and onion in a blender and whizz until smooth (the original recipe suggests rubbing through a sieve but that’s hard!) adding as much of the stock as you need (all of it if you have a big blender!)
  3. add the rest of the butter to the pan, make a roux with the flour then add the milk until you have a white sauce
  4. add the corn and onion mix and salt and pepper (a little nutmeg or paprika would be nice although that isn’t mentioned in the original recipe!

I think with a little experimentation, this could be very nice – maybe with crispy bacon bits as garnish and a swirl of cream or sour cream!




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