100/100 challenge 1: going back to the river

April 30th, would have been Captain Tom Moore’s one hundred and first birthday, and in recognition of that, a new challenge has been announced that ordinary folk should try to complete a hundred somethings to raise more funds for The Captain Tom Foundation. My challenge is to write over a hundred days, a 100 word blog each day.

Day 1:

I must go back to the river, but would I ever be able to recapture it, the soft sweet-rank smell, the textured feel of the water, the weed through my fingers? I could never slip from boat to water and swim or let the flow carry me, and float and gaze at the Cambridge blue sky drifting by and the particular green of the willow against the clouds.
I must go back to the river, not because I might recapture the past, maybe I can do that anyway, but just because I would like to go back to the river.



  1. fpfrankie

    Hi Loco… I too feel a romantic attachment to the river Cam..! When I was 14 I wrote a short piece about us in our canoe and how much fun it was to glide down the lazy river in the sunshine…gently doing nothing…. However, I wrote my short piece because I had not done an English Homework and it was written as a punishment task! My English teacher Nun had loved it and was going to put it into the school Magazine for the month… However, because I had to do it as a punishment for some crime I can’t remember which was probably something like not bothering to do a set homework…Sister Christopher the Head Teacher (or possibly it was Mrs Bozic, my class teacher who loathed me…) it never got published! I was really disappointed. It was the one thing I could do really well because, as you know, we had spent most of our childhoods together writing stories and making magazines!! Fond Memories, Frankie

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    1. Lois

      Such happy memories, and so vivid! What rotten teachers they were, similar stories from my school too – although I was lucky with my English teachers, it was Maths and Geography where things went awry for me! Do you still have your story? xx


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