100/100 challenge 2: Meeting friends outside in early May

April 30th, would have been Captain Tom Moore’s one hundred and first birthday, and in recognition of that, a new challenge has been announced that ordinary folk should try to complete a hundred somethings to raise more funds for The Captain Tom Foundation. My own challenge is to write over a hundred days, a 100 word blog each day.

Day 2:

Meeting friends outside in early May, the sun bright though the wind off the sea still chills, is such a joy. Nothing can replace seeing another’s face, expressions flitting across their features adding colour and context to their words, comments batted back and forth, caught and returned, twisted and spun bringing smiles and laughter. Being in the company of another, not through a lens or  phone connection, but in their sphere, in touching distance even without a touch, something which provokes a different thought, a friendly dispute, an exchange of views, that is more refreshing and reviving than any tonic!


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