A busy normal sort of day

It was a busy normal sort of day.

  • got up early and took the dog to his play day
  • on the way back, for a treat, picked up a take-away breakfast
  • put a whites wash in the machine
  • hoovered the downstairs
  • tidied the kitchen
  • went to the garden centre and bought some plants for the front garden
  • went to a lovely farm shop and bought some items for lunch
  • back home to put the washing out and another lot in the machine and to have lunch
  • put the second lot of washing out
  • now we are able, met some friends at a pub and sat outside catching up with each other’s news, talking about what we are writing, what we are reading, the anthology we have just published, other things we’ve published, the next anthology
  • it started to rain and we huddled beneath the parasol until the landlady called us and said there was an outside covered area at the back. We found it and continued our chat despite it being quite chilly
  • returned home, daughter had fetched dog from his play day, husband had brought the washing in
  • watched the news
  • did some writing
  • had half an hour on the Wii
  • did the ironing

… and now I’m back here, ready to write again. This day isn’t remarkable in any way – except it is – because for a very long time we haven’t been able to go to a garden centre, let alone meet friends for an outside drink and chat at a pub. I think we’re all looking forward to many more unremarkable busy normal sort of days.

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