100/100 CHALLENGE 14: Pretty Croscombe

April 30th 2021, would have been Captain Tom Moore’s one hundred and first birthday, and in recognition of that, a new challenge has been announced that ordinary folk should try to complete a hundred somethings to raise more funds for The Captain Tom Foundation. My own challenge is to write over a hundred days, a 100 word blog each day.

Day 14

We drove through pretty Croscombe today, the first time since 2019. A welcoming sign announces AD706 when King Ine made reference to the village, it’s old indeed! The River Sheppey runs through, from Doulton, beneath Charlton, through Shepton Mallet, through a deep valley on the south side of the Mendip Hills, to Croscombe and on to Dinder.  Wool brought wealth to Croscombe, then the revolution in industry brought silk, mining, quarrying and milling. Hard to imagine a riot in this peaceful place around the village cross when villagers tried to defended it from attack by waywardens trying to remove it.


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