Fried courgette and egg

It was time for a rather late breakfast and I wasn’t sure what i fancied to eat, an egg maybe but husband’s bread was till baking and there was only a rather grizzled crust left. In the vegetable bowl was half a courgette left over from last night’s salad, and I vaguely remembered something I’d cooked before. I put some olive oil in my tiny egg-sized frying pan an added some freshly ground mixed spices (not mixed spice, but spices I have in a pepper mill) and then I grated some courgette into the pan when the spices started to sizzle. Grating the courgette into the tiny pan wasn’t a good idea as bits of it went everywhere. I turned the gas down to low and as the courgette began to sizzle I gently pressed it down with the back of a fork. I needed more and this time I grated it into a bowl, much moire successful, and added it to the pan, gently turning the mixture over.

I added more mixed spices and a pinch of salt and then cracked an egg on top, keeping the gas really, really low. I put the grizzled crust into the toaster and watched it like a hawk and as soon as it began to smell toasty I took it out. Meanwhile the egg was nearly cooked – the white had soaked into the fried courgette so by the time I’d sprinkled the now toasted grizzled crust, the was perfect and I slid it and its courgette bed onto the plate. It really was rather good although unusual, and I will definitely do it again.


    1. Lois

      I couldn’t believe how tasty it was – just courgette and egg and olive oil! And yes leftovers… I wish I could make rissoles like my mum used to – left over Sunday roast, minced with left over cooked carrots and some onion, made into patties, dipped in salted and peppered flour and fried, no doubt in lard or dripping… they were so delicious! I think she may have added a dash of tomato sauce, and they were my favourite – better than the original roast!


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