something we aspire to!

It’s still a novelty to go to the pub and sit inside and have a pint and meet old friends, so excuse me for posting twice about pubbing! This is from a couple of years ago and although we haven’t quite reached this point i visiting our local, it’s something we aspire to !

It being St Valentine’s night, and it being beer which had brought us together, thirty years ago this April, it seemed right that we should nip down to the Dolphin for and Otter or two.

The rain was pattering down, but not too heavily – storm Dennis has not yet arrived, and we wandered down to the pub. There was no-one in ‘our’ end, but some young people in the middle bar, which we call the cross benches – a reference to the Houses of Parliament where MPs with no particular alliance can sit. Otter bought we sat in splendid isolation and chatted about this and that – politics, family, Valentine’s Day… Today started with an exchange of cards, then we went into town to meet a friend (see the other post I wrote today.) I had a teacake and coffee as breakfast, husband had a pecan square and coffee for his, From The Coffee House, we went to a bar and had a Valentine’s lunch; I had a chicken and bacon salad, he had tapas. This evening, joined by daughter, we had empenadas to start, either lasagne or fish pie to follow, then strawberry tarts as our St Valentine’s dinner. After such a lovely meal there seemed an obvious choice later, to go to the pub.

When it was my round i went to the bar and Ewan the handsome barman knew our order before I asked for it. I have recently discovered that I can pay for things using my phone. I do need a little help from a young person, and the other night Ewan gave me 7/10 for my attempt. Tonight he challenged me to make it to a 10… and I nearly got there!! he gave me 9½/10 and a hi 5 until in my excitement the phone leapt from my hand and I was downgraded to 9/10.

As the evening drew to an end Terry drifted past and we chatted to him about the nice meal he had had – which did sound good, leek and ham pie followed by chocolate cake and chocolate sauce – but not as nice as ours! Then rugby Steve came to collect his jacket and we chatted about our local team and how well they were doing, and then it was time to head for home, which we did!

A very nice St Valentine’s Day!


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