100/100 CHALLENGE 64: The rain came suddenly

Day 64

The rain came suddenly, breaking into the sultry air. I snatched washing from the line, hurrying it still-damp indoors. I caught a hint of petrichor, that rain on hot roads smell, which always returns me to one summer…
July 1970, first-year exams finished and done, my only-then friends and still-friends came back to our flat. Flat… a filthy room with cooker, bedroom, and shared bathroom.
As the rain suddenly erupted from the sky, over-heated in so many ways we ran outside and danced in the road. I remember the tall one, cavorting, arms flapping, an ungainly stork, beating his wings.

April 30th 2021 would’ve been Captain Tom Moore’s 101st birthday; in recognition and in remembrance of his achievement, a new challenge was announced by his family. They challenged ordinary folk to complete a hundred somethings to raise more funds for The Captain Tom Foundation – ‘whether you bake 100 cupcakes or walk 100 laps – help celebrate Captain Tom’s achievements.’ The official ‘Captain Tom 100’ has now finished, but I’ve challenged myself to write a 100 word blog each day for 100 days. I started on May 1st and when I complete my task, I’ll donate £100 to his Foundation.


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