Gooseberry and peach cakey crumble

Down at the bottom of the garden we have a feral gooseberry – actually, to be fair, we did buy it and plant it but what we didn’t think about or realise was that it was really spikey. I know gooseberry bushes have prickles, but you can get some which are less thorny, this one has thorns de luxe. We’ve had gooseberries from it in previous years, but only a handful or two. I happened to notice it had some fruit dangling, and when I carefully lifted one of the branches, having donned my gardening gloves, the whole length bough had fruit.  I went and got a bowl, and before long I had picked over two pounds of goosegogs!

I was going to make gooseberry curd, but it only lasts a couple f weeks apparently and we wouldn’t eat it quickly enough. I am going to make jam, but for dinner tonight I decided to make gooseberry crumble. They were very sour and I noticed some elderly peaches in the fruit bowl so decided we would have gooseberry and peach crumble. I remembered I had accidentally made too much crumble mixture once and froze the extra but when I explored the freezer I found something else; some time ago I made a lemon and poppy seed cake, and although delicious it was very stodgy. As usual I don’t like to throw anything away, so I made it into crumbs thinking it might be nice as a topping to fruit instead of the traditional crumble – and today with gooseberries and peaches, it’s time had come.

Gooseberry and peach cakey crumble

  • stewed gooseberries (I sieved out the seeds as daughter doesn’t like them)
  • fresh peaches, peeled and cut into small chunks
  • any cake crumbed or –
  • – traditional crumble topping (7 oz plain flour, 5 oz white or brown sugar, 5 oz butter all rubbed together)
  1. put fruit in a pie dish, mix round so the peaches are distributed evenly
  2. sprinkle on the crumbed cake or traditional topping (mine nearly always bubbles over so I put it on a baking tray, just in case)
  3. cook for 40-50 mins at gas mark 6, 200º C, 390º F

My featured image is of our gooseberry bush


    1. Lois

      The combination of peach and gooseberry was just wonderful, I was amazed! And now I know what else to do with left over bits of cake which have gone a bit dry!


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