100/100 CHALLENGE 83: the place I grew up

Day 83

I don’t think my home town exists anymore, only in my imagination. There’s the place I grew up, where I went to school, had friends, went swimming every summer day, went on the river and swam in the river. The stories and memories of my childhood and my girlhood overlay those of my parents of that earlier place, those memories – not mine, but mine – stretching back nearly a hundred years.
There’s my place which the whole world knows by its University, the travel destination, the must-see.
There’s the town I occasionally visit now, smaller but larger, changed, rebuilt, not mine.

April 30th 2021 would’ve been Captain Tom Moore’s 101st birthday; in recognition and in remembrance of his achievement, a new challenge was announced by his family. They challenged ordinary folk to complete a hundred somethings to raise more funds for The Captain Tom Foundation – ‘whether you bake 100 cupcakes or walk 100 laps – help celebrate Captain Tom’s achievements.’ The official ‘Captain Tom 100’ has now finished, but I’ve challenged myself to write a 100 word blog each day for 100 days. I started on May 1st and when I complete my task, I’ll donate £100 to his Foundation.


My town is of course the city of Cambridge

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