Legendary cheese fluff

From the first time I met my husband’s friends, those who had been in a band with him – or group as it was then, they all spoke about my mother-in-law with great affection, and all mentioned how often when they were back from a late gig she would provide cups of tea and a legendary item she called cheese fluff. They all extolled its deliciousness and how it was just the thing before they went home. I never experienced this wonder-food, but she explained that it had started when the hungry lads had arrived and all she had was some bread, a small amount of cheese and some eggs. Unfortunately I can’t now remember what she said she did with the cheese and eggs which she served on buttered toast, but I think she must have separated the eggs, beaten the yolk and cheese together, maybe with a little milk and then as they were gently cooking in a pan, folded in the beaten egg white. Or maybe she mixed the egg yolk and cheese, uncooked, along with seasoning, then folded in the beaten egg white, put the raw mixture on the toast and ‘cooked’ it under the grill or in the oven.

I believe that there is a recipe somewhere, a wife of one of the former band members has it. I’ve tried looking up ‘cheese fluff’, but it now seems to be the name of a ‘keto’ recipe – as part of a ketone diet, one in which carbs are replaced by fat which I know some people think is a wonderful way to lose weight but doesn’t sound very healthy to me. My mother-in-law’s recipe featured toast, no doubt thick cut. The recipes I’ve looked at don’t sound very substantial, don’t sound the sort of thing to feed to hungry lads back from a gig. There are some cheese soufflé on toast recipes, which sound more like it but very light, where as cheese fluff, although fluffy had substance! It would have been quick and easy to make, she was a very good cook so what might seem tricky to some, would be quick and easy for her.

Next time we meet up with the old band, which we do from time to time, I must remember to ask, not just if they remember it (which they all do) but if anyone has any clue of how to make the authentic cheese fluff.


  1. Rosie Scribblah

    My Mam used to make “Fluffy Egg”. Two slices of toast. Cut out a circle in the middle of one using a pastry cutter. Butter the toast and sandwich them together with the “hole” side up. Separate an egg and put the yoke in the hole. Whisk the white until it’s like a meringue, with a little salt and pepper. Fold in some grated cheddar and pile onto the toast, covering the edges. Put it under the grill until the cheesy meringue is brown and the yoke cooked, but still runny. It was absolutely gorgeous, but a bit of a faff. She had more patience than I did 😀

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    1. Lois

      Oooh, that sounds rather splendid, I might have to try that one! I have one of those 1950’s rotary cheese mills, which grates it extremely finely, that would be perfect for the cheese! I wonder if my mum had it as a wedding present?


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