A very satisfactory evening

So it’s quiz night at the Dolphin; my former team are unfortunately otherwise engaged, and two of them are in South Africa so rather difficult for them to attend! For a couple of weeks I’ve been going down on my own and because the Dolphin quiz is a friendly and welcoming thing I have enjoyed joining in, if not with a great deal of success!

Tonight was different, I had a team! A writing friend joined me, and although we didn’t win, as usual we had a great time. In fact she enjoyed herself so much, she is coming again next week with some friends so I will not be on my own. I’ve mentioned many times before that the Dolphin is the sort of pub you can feel quite comfortable in, even if you have no companions with you. Friend had to depart and I waited on my own for my drummer husband to return from his weekly practice, but I wasn’t on my own for more than a couple of minutes because I was summoned by Nigel and his team to join them. I repeat, this is the sort of pub the Dolphin is!

We gossiped about this and that and this before husband arrived, and we gossiped some more. Two weekends ago, husband’s band had a gig at the Dolphin, and much chat was about their great success and the possibility of their return. We left to wend our way home slightly before time was called after a very satisfactory evening.


  1. patrick's writings

    im not going to have the money to renew my wordpress subscribtion because of the costs of everything Lois. i was off writing my manuscript and stayed away from the word press for awhile while also cleaning house and discovered my word press account has to be renewed by 2022 and i just dont have the money to do so.

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      1. patrick's writings

        wordpress for a Author, im an author, isn’t expensive, its everything else that makes most pnormal things unaffordable. my account is going to delate on word press if i don’t send money for payment in January, right now we have plumbing we’re working on and while house cleaning and medical and to say a modest statement it all adds up and whats more important? im a at home disabled veteran that still yet can do some things physically yet it takes all my robotic limb things i have to put on my knees and then thde other stuff, its a challenge. our other writing areas were working on a manuscript and have to find all the poems for publications then we still had to find a investor or manufacturer to help bui,ld a few innovations we have.

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