Farewell old year!

Farewell old year! I don’t wish to dwell on the not so good of the last twelve months, but think in a jolly way of the lovely events and experiences!

In January I had a special birthday – and although I only celebrated with daughter and husband, son having to send virtually best wishes, a delivered gift, and a telephone rendition of ‘Happy birthday to you!’ I had a wonderful day! Balloons, confetti, a fancy breakfast, a lovely lunch, gifts and cards, a super meal, a birthday cake consisting entirely of baklava! The winter passed, spring arrived, and I was able to visit my sister in her care home in April for the first time in a very long time. In the summer things had changed somewhat and we were able to visit Kent and enjoy a mini-music-fest, husband playing drums in a scratch band with his oldest band-mate from when they were at school. Summer… and daughter’s birthday, and we went down to Exeter and had a lovely day along by the harbour and cathedral. Right at the end of summer, I went away with my writing chums to stay in gypsy caravans in the middle of nowhere, a wonderful and hilarious few days! Come the autumn we were able to go to Portsmouth for a belated reunion with husband’s college chums, and a week later to Mevagissey for a shanty-fest. Autumn seemed to fly past and so to winter, but a mild and blue-skied season. Once again the annual family Christmas party wasn’t able to take place, but a small and safe gathering of my four cousins and partners and husband and me met for a dignified Christmas meal. Great joy two weeks ago when I travelled to Manchester to attend the wonderful wedding of my one of my oldest and certainly my dearest friends.

And now it’s the last night of 2021, and fittingly we are spending it in the Dolphin. Husband and shanty band are performing and as usual we will welcome in the new year in the company of friends and beer!

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