A case for my night-attire

I admit it, we have tea in bed in the morning – small kettle, teapot, a couple of largish cups and we listen to the radio and wake up. Much as I often dream about having more money, one thing I would never want is a maid – for so many reasons, but I certainly wouldn’t want someone knocking on the door at a certain time and enter bearing a tray. However, it was apparently a thing in households in the 1930’s, and here are instructions on what your tea-bearer should do when s/he enters your boudoir:

In the morning one of the maid’s duties is to knock on the bed-room door and then walk in with the tea which is arranged on a tray with a biscuit and a piece of bread-and-butter.
She pulls up the blinds and inquires if her mistress would like a bath and if so fills it and puts the bath mat on the floor. She knocks at the door when the bath is quite ready.

Of course, the previous night she prepared the bedroom – just in case ‘the mistress’ isn’t capable:

Last thing at night, a well-trained maid will take the quilt off the bed, turn it down, remove the night attire from its case and arrange it on the turned-down sheet. She will put a hot-water bottle in the bed if required.

I must remember to acquire a case for my night-attire!


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