Stumped by the rigor

Like many people I have been seduced by Wordle; it is such a simple sounding game – guess a five letter word in six tries. My writing friends have also fallen on it – there is a new wordle published every day, but there’s a back catalogue you can practice with. I have been further seduced into quordle, where you try to solve four wordles simultaneously – and gosh is that tricky! You manage to correctly guess a couple of letters – for example D O – – –; is that ‘do – – -‘ as in ‘donut’ (there are American spellings to extra confuse) or ‘do – – -‘ as in ‘dotty’?  Then there is another game, Octordle where there are eight simultaneous games. I actually find that easier than quordle where there is less room for duff guesses.

Two of my writing friends and I now have a little group , comparing notes, laughing at the odd words in the game,  frustrated by unusual spellings of words we know, celebrating success and commiserating over defeat. In general names are not allowed, but sometimes they are which can throw you completely. However, one of the amusing things (amusing to us) is the odd lists we have found – today we had FOLLY, CHAMP, BANJO, QUEER, CAMEL, CLUMP, QUARK, SETUP – what a combo! A champ camel! A queer banjo! A quark setup! We have actually thought of using a group of octordle words as inspiration to write, but I think I would be ‘stumped‘ by the ‘rigor‘ of these I had today – STUMP, RIGOUR, ADAPT, WOMAN, GNOME, GONAD, COUPE, SATYR – but I am a ‘woman‘ who can ‘adapt‘ and not that I’ve ever come across an actual real live ‘satyr‘, although I have seen a fair few garden ‘gnomes‘, and once in America was driven in a ‘coupé’… However, squeezing a ‘gonad’ to any of this has defeated me – and probably I had better follow this no further.

I have just completed what really must be the last of the day. I can’t excuse it any more with saying it’s increasing my vocabulary or keeping my brain working. Here is my winning score, 6, 7, 5, 9, 11, 10, 2, 13, and the words:



  1. Cathy

    lol I suppose it takes all sorts – I’m of the opinion life’s too short 😊

    Anyway I just popped in (after one of my commenters mentioned your blog) to say how interesting it was to read your posts on the A1 Cookery Book. I discovered a copy in amongst some of my late aunt’s books and wrote a post about it today. As fun as it is to read the recipes and ‘helpful hints’ somehow I don’t think I’m going to be cooking from it any day soon

    A Pam’s Very Old Cookery Book…

    Take care


    1. Lois

      Hi! I’m so excited to find someone else who is interested in Helen Lawson! And also what fun to find such a treasure among your aunt’s and then to write about them!
      I wonder if Helen N. Lawson was a pretend name assumed by the publisher for a collection of recipes? The names Helen and Lawson aren’t sufficiently unusual to be able to trace – whether it was her birth name or her married name I can’t tell.
      I wrote this about the book and Helen:


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