The perfect day

Here’s the next part of a story which might turn into something longer… or might not! Jay has been relocated with a new identity to the village of Oxhope. One evening she wanders down to the pub where there seems to be a mini music-fest in progress. She gets a drink and sits on a wall next to another woman and watches a band setting up

A man was walking towards her, and for a moment, Jay thought he was going to speak to her and a surge of panic seemed to grab her throat and she felt choked, gripped, breathless – but he was looking at the grumpy woman beside her.
“Hey, Carrie, hey!” he said. Jay tried not to look but as ever, was intrigued by other people.
“What do you want?” the woman snapped.
She had blond hair, long and wavy, curly, pulled back in a wispy bun on the back of her head.
“I hoped I’d see you here, can I get you a drink?”
“You must be joking, get lost!”
Well, this was intriguing.  Jay looked at her phone, scrolled through photos she’d taken walking round the village. She had no contacts, except one, she was not on social media, there was nothing on her phone except a news site and her pictures.
“Aw, come on, let me buy you a drink.”
The woman jumped up and stormed past Jay, brushing her knees and knocking her phone from her hand. The man snatched it up and gave it back, as he rushed after the blond woman.
Well, that was unexpected. Village life!
Her phone was unmarked, and she took a few photos of the band who were practically ready. More people had arrived, some standing, drinks in hand, chatting to friends, looking around, just being in a place where music was about to happen. It was the perfect day for an event, and soon it would be even more busy.
There was someone beside her standing on the wall, a young lad and his friends and Jay realised that soon her view would be completely blocked. She got up and putting her drink down tried to get up on the wall too.
“Give you a hand?” and the lad, probably early twenties heaved her up.
“Thanks, I was struggling!” she laughed.
He made some friendly remark and turned back to his mate.
The band shouted a greeting, twanged a couple of chords then rocked into their first number, ‘Losing my religion’, and everyone started dancing to REM. It was impossible not to, and Jay was suddenly released, singing along, boogying, almost shouting the chorus. The sun was hot, the sky brilliant, music, people, she was alive as she hadn’t been for months and months and months.

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