A happy man flies his own kite

Here’s something I wrote last year:

Businesses come and businesses go, and one business which has gone from Weston-super-Mare promenade is the Seaquarium. It was opened in 1995, but apparently business had been bad for a number of years before it eventually closed in 2019. It used to be very popular for locals and visitors, built on a short pier sticking out over the sands and being surrounded by water underneath its structure when the tide came in-

The Weston-super-Mare Seaquarium was opened in 1995 built on the first seaside pier in Great Britain for over 85 years and is surrounded by 3 miles of beach.
The Seaquarium contains amazing displays of sea creatures with an underwater tunnel and visitors can get closer to the beautiful creatures in the ray zone which features an open top display where the graceful creatures swim to the surface, the sides of the display are see-through enabling visitors to gaze underwater at the beautiful creatures.

Now the empty building has been taken over and developed into a beach café/restaurant called Revo, with magnificent views south and west across the Bristol Channel. We’d been there for coffee, and I confess cake too, but today we went for brunch, and it was excellent. Super meal, quick and friendly service, yes and magnificent views.

Our eyes were drawn to the various holidaymakers wandering about the beach, some paddling, some sitting on the sands, all looking as if they were enjoying themselves despite the stiff breeze. Then we spotted a man on his own.

“Now there’s a happy man who flies his own kite without any kids with him!” my daughter exclaimed.

There indeed was a chap, about forty, in shots and t-shirt, happily flying a kite, not one of those big fancy kites, just an ordinary, small, kite-shaped kite, on his own with a big smile on his face. That could be a saying, couldn’t it – a happy man  flies his own kite!

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