See – Monster!

I can’t believe I have only made a passing reference to See Monster, an amazing and massive art installation which has graced the sea front at Weston-super-Mare, stationed within what used to be a very popular open-air swimming pool which has become a venue for various things, most famously Banksy’s Weston Super Mare.

Banksy’s Weston Super Mare derives its title from a small township on the seaboard region of Somerset England, and would later serve as the site for Dismaland, a historical, experiential installation by Banksy that would bring in over 150,000 visitors and nearly 20 million dollars in revenue to the seaside town.

The See Monster has come to Weston as part of a massive and innovative art project from Unboxed – a celebration of creativity across all four nations of the United Kingdom, with free events taking place throughout 2022. They commissioned ten events across the four countries promoting science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics hoping to inspire and engender innovation and creativity. So See Monster is a decommissioned off-shore oil rig, brought to Weston on a barge from the Netherlands, set down in the filled in outdoor swimming pool and turned into… well, an experience! If you’re able to visit Weston and see it, then you have until

It is the most extraordinary experience, climbing up to the different levels of his vast thing – there is a lift for those who need it, with living trees and vegetation all around, and information about the impact of people on our world and how by our own endeavours we could help undo the harm we have done. Weston is in a way vulnerable to climate change, being low-lying and with the second highest tidal range in the world. Rising water levels, rising temperatures, our world is in danger and the exhibitions and displays opened discussion on not only what has led to this, but how we do have options in facing it

See Monster itself is massive, and we were there this afternoon. As I mentioned previously the Beach’d Buoys shanty band had a gig on its helipad a few weeks ago. They returned this afternoon for a second performance which coincided with a visit by the mayor of Weston, who, being a good sport, joined in with several of the shanties! It was a dramatic setting for them, and windy with spatters of rain. But of course, as shanty-men they’re singing about rough seaside weather and ignored the elements – although obviously headed to the pub when they were done!

Here’s a rather dull photo of it:

see monster

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