What a pleasant evening

So we moseyed along to the pub for fish and chips. This was excellent on two counts, first it was our wedding anniversary, and second there has been somewhat of a hiatus with having anything to eat in the pub recently. We have wonderful new landlords and it’s been nothing to do with them that the kitchen hasn’t been available for food prep. The people who had the pub who I’ve written about many, many times, great people, had made the pub our second home. They decided to leave after sterling years of pulling great pints, serving delicious food of all sorts, and providing a second home from home for anyone who entered. Unfortunately when they left to move on to doing other things, there was a disastrous interregnum which I won’t discuss here. Thankfully, now the peace has been restored and we have a wonderful family settling in to run The Dolphin.

So tonight for the first time the kitchen was open, and being Friday, obviously it was fish and chips! Today it was haddock, with tartar sauce and mushy peas, and when brought to the table it was accompanied by a pot of white pepper – the only thing to have with the peas. It was piping hot, the batter was crisp and not greasy, the fish was not flabby, the chips were excellent, and we really enjoyed it! Having had our very nice dinner, having been tucked away in a quiet corner, we moved round to the body of the pub.

There was a couple and a handsome dog in the cross-benches, and we squeezed in beside them and inevitably began to talk about their dog. We moved on to other things, and I thought they were familiar, and it seems they are staying on the nearby campsite and last time they stayed we met them in the pub and chatted to them then!

What a pleasant evening, and a great way to celebrate our anniversary, and also celebrate the fact that normal service had been resumed!


    1. Lois

      Thanks very much!! Yes, the quiz continues in its own inimitable way! I’ll tell you all about the interregnum – almost unbelievable, but fortunately normal service is resumed!


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