I heard a scream!

Jay, a woman with a new identity is now living in the seaside village of Oxhope. It hasn’t yet been revealed why she is there, or what happened in her past that has meant she has had to start a new life, but she is beginning to come to terms – and even settle into it. She has begun to make some casual friends, people at the pub including two women similar in age to her called Emma and Gemma, but she is still cautious and wary. Out for a stroll round the village, as she is passing a row of cottages, a woman suddenly, runs screaming from one of them.

Running from round the bend was another woman, it was Gemma – later Jay realised it was actually Emma.
“I heard a scream!” Em exclaimed, and she followed Jay into the house.
There was a wide hallway with an open door on either side, and a staircase beside a passage leading to the back. Jay, without thinking of her own safety – it was something which occurred to her later – almost leapt into the room on her right. In her mind there was a person who’d had an accident, maybe fallen against a fireplace, or something had fallen on her – but apart from the furniture the room was empty. She left the room as Em came out of the opposite room. Without a word, but recognising they hadn’t found whoever was hurt they rushed down the passage into a large dining kitchen which was the width of the house..
It was empty but there was no doubt that whatever accident had happened, it was here that disaster befell the ‘she’ the distraught woman had mentioned.
And here was the evidence that something horrible had happened, blood. Blood on the floor, blood in an arcing spurt across a wall, the work surface, the fancy cooker, bloody marks on the walls and the door which gaped open.
“Jesus!” Em exclaimed.
“She must be outside,” and Jay dashed through the open door.
At first her thoughts were that it was an attractive garden, small, but with a paved patio area, with what somehow she knew was a bench seat dining table with a group or wine bottle sin the middle, almost encased in candle wax. A low wall separated the patio from the small lawn which led to the rhyne, across which, Jay could see a fence which she recognised as belonging to her next but one neighbour. She was focusing on this, glancing to see if her own house was visible, when Em gave a suppressed gulping scream.
It was then she saw the legs of a person, only the legs because the rest of the person was lying back, lying into the rhyne, their blouse pulled up and the bloodied wounds clearly visible, red on white.


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