It’s been a merry Christmas!

It’s been a merry Christmas, first of all we woke to find Father Christmas had visited and been most generous (mostly things to do with ginger for me, and a delicious box of baklava!) then we had a leisurely breakfast – a slim repast in respect of delights to come, then we drifted down to the Dolphin, open for just a few hours for everyone to meet and share Christmas greetings. We had a delayed Christmas dinner as daughter was working, and planned to have game pie, for us, chicken pie for her and with smoked salmon to start.

As usual there is a tale to tell, of me being in a total muddle, and one thing and another, so it was way past nine in the evening by the time we finished! It was all great fun, and the pies were good, and no doubt we will remember this Christmas as the one where we ate late, but were immensely grateful for how fortunate we are!

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