Quizzing with the Amdrams

It’s Tuesday, it’s quiz night at the Dolphin, and yes we know it’s the day after the New Year’s Day bank holiday, and for some it means it’s still the holiday, but no matter! We headed down to the Dolphin even though one of us is a bit limpy with a somewhat nasty toe.

We knew our writing chums were unavailable because of work and family stuff, and we weren’t surprised that various other what might loosely be called teams – although the Dolph-quiz is very flexible in many ways. Others who are usually in our team were busy with family or work, so we were two. Knowing there are family things going on, we weren’t surprised that Team Tim wasn’t there, but delighted to see Team Manchu in its usual place in the nook (to old timers always known as George’s place) Team Nige was through in the cross-benches, and beyond were various other Dolph-folk. The Amdrams, usually numerous in number were four, one of whom is our delightful Quizmeister. On the other side of us were four campers/caravanners from the camp site, and they were lovely, friendly and completely entered into the spirit of the quiz.

After the usual banter, and an introduction to the campers of the ways of the quiz (the answers are written on a 5×5 answer sheet, numbered randomly, and when the solutions are given a prize can be claimed by shouting ‘Dolphin’, if you have a straight line, across, vertically, diagonally of if you have four correct corners) the quiz commenced, with the usual banter and audience participation. Because there were only two of us, and three Amdrams plus puppy, we joined forces, and because the caravanners/campers were new to Dolph-quiz, we gave assistance to them – although being smart, they soon grasped the rationale!

Of course we didn’t win, but we had a great time, and a lot of laughs, and look forward to doing it all again next week! My featured image is from the Dolphin, a couple of nights ago, we were sitting then where we sat tonight – but it was somewhat busier!

PS The Amdrams are the very talented local Amateur Dramatic group from the village of Bleadon, the Bleadon Players!


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