It was pretty ghastly

Several years ago, coming up to Christmas, I saw a most unusual recipe which included sprouts. I love sprouts, but my husband doesn’t and I wondered if this recipe might convert him, or at least bring him round to the idea that the little brussels might not be as ghastly as he thought them. Sensibly I followed the recipe before Christmas to check, sadly it was still a big no – I think his prejudice overcame his spirit of adventure. I shared the recipe here, and re-shared it several times since as I tried again with it.

I guess quite a few people might not be too enthusiastic if I told them as well as the brussels sprouts, the recipe included blue cheese, black pudding, chorizo, cashew nuts and a splash of wine, however it really is very nice as long as you don’t overcook the sprouts (pretty standard for any recipe including them) Recently, for various reasons, husband has tried to branch out with food, and try different previously disliked ingredients. To be fair, he does try lots of different food items, but has certain dislikes left over from when he was a very fussy eater as a child – which actually was quite a while ago. With this new spirit of adventure I suggested he tried sprouts again, and he bravely agreed that he would.

Things didn’t go to plan; the sprouts were fine, however I should have bought a better quality blue cheese, I thought I had chorizo but I didn’t, I only had a very dry white wine not a more mellow one, the black pudding disintegrated instead of staying in cubes, and the result was unappetising in appearance. Brave husband had a try and said it still wasn’t really his sort of thing, I had a try and it was pretty ghastly, in fact it was really ghastly. I hate wasting food, but there was no way back with this dish.

I will try it again, secretly just to reassure myself it is a nice recipe, but I think husband will probably give it a miss!

My featured image is of dear old Philip Harben who I’m sure would have fancied this recipe and if he had made it I’m sure it would have been splendid even if he had used the wrong sort of blue cheese, no chorizo, disintegrating black pudding and ultra dry white wine.


  1. Hamishmacneil

    I’d probably try it without the sprouts. Love all the other ingredients. But to me, one might as well add sprouts to a sponge cake or a jam tart. They just don’t belong amongst edible foodstuffs.


    1. Lois

      😀 😀 – agree that you have to love sprouts to even try it, but if you do it’s delish! Not sure I’m going to try sprout jam tart or sprout sponge cake – I will have a ponder on them!!

      Liked by 1 person

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