Three park benches

Friends of ours are living abroad for a while, sent on a mission with work. While they are living and working in this distant part, they have been sharing the most interesting and unusual photographs. Many are very beautiful, many are quirky, unusual views, interesting angles, light and shade, dark and bright, the ordinary thrown into a different perspective, busy pictures and empty pictures, funny images and serious images, and coffee – lots and lots of cups of coffee!

A month ago in February there was a photographic triptych entitled ‘Three Park Benches’, and we could see exactly that,  three different photos of three different park benches and three different subjects sitting there. I was intrigued, and my mind began to wander, wondering who these people were, imagining their stories. One picture was of a couple, one of a lady who seemed elderly, one of a man, head down contemplating his phone and a little way from him, beside a tree, a smal girl in red trousers seemed to be staring at him.

I commented on the photos:

me: What an interesting selection – the little girl in the second one looks somehow quite sinister! There might be another story for me to write!
my friend: Who are they? What’s their story? Are their stories related? Who is he texting? Who is the stranger in the distance? What is she remembering?… Are these photos of the same people at different stages of their lives?
me: I’ll send it to you when I’ve written it! Maybe you should write the story!
my friend: is it not said that everyone has at least one book in them? (Not sure that’s true though)
me I’m absolutely sure there is!!

There are so many possibilities in this! Every time I think about the images I have new and different thoughts. I’m going to have to have some more ponderings on this, but it’s going to be fun to write – although I’m not sure how!

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