Will they ever appear in print?

Somehow I have two mysterious characters; they are not in anything I am writing, or anything I’ve written, they seem to have arrived unattached and I know nothing about them. All I know is that their names are Louise Hannertee and Loïc F. Punnett. Louise must be a unique person, without family or connections because I can find no-one else with her surname, although I have found someone using it on social media as their handle. There are a few people with the family name Punnet, including the geneticist Reginald Punnet who invented the Punnet square. The Punnet square is a mathematical thing, but I’m afraid I can’t explain what it is except that it’s something to do with predicting genotypes and I only know that because I have just read it. I think my character Loïc may have French ancestry, only because of his unusual first name.

The two names arrived seemingly from nowhere, but the characters appearance is beginning to form. They seem to be living in the 1960’s or 70’s, Louise has thick, curly, blond, shoulder-length hair, a rather serious, square face with a  determined nose. She’s maybe in her forties, an expert in her field – whatever that is! Is she married? I don’t know. Has she children? I think she may have. Loïc is a small man, with very dark hair combed back from his face, and unlike Louise he is quite smiley, but his smile may be deceptive, he may appear friendly but maybe he is assessing and weighing up the person he’s talking to or the scene he is observing. Is he married? Does he have a family? Yes, but maybe for some reason no-one knows much about them.

What do Louise and Loïc do? I have no idea – yet, but they work together at whatever it is. Maybe they have their own business, maybe they work as a team in something else, maybe they are commissioned or engaged to do whatever it is they do for particular clients. I think Louise comes to work on a bike, but Loïc has a motorbike. Do they have any hobbies or pastimes? I’m pretty sure Louise goes fly-fishing when she can, Loïc plays racquet sports, probably squash.

Will they ever appear in print? Who knows, I’m not sure, they may do, but they may remain in waiting like so many other of my characters.


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