Black blobs bobbing

Honestly, I do some really daft things, quite often when I do them they seem perfectly sensible and logical at the time. The sensible thing at the time, which in retrospect is decidedly odd , is often made more odd if being absent-minded, I’ve completely forgotten about it.
Last weekend we were off on a jaunt to see the family, a long journey from west to east, so I got together some drinks in a couple of insulated flasks, coffee in the grey one and cold water in the yellow one, a few apples, packets of crisps, just a few things in case we got stuck in traffic or needed some in-drive refreshment. We set off early-ish and fortunately the traffic was all flowing well. We stopped at a service station roughly half-way to our destination, and tempted though we were to go in to have a coffee, being economical, we got the flasks out. I passed the yellow flask to husband while I looked for the cups I’d packed, so we could also have coffee.
There was a sudden ‘bleagh!!!! Yuk!!!! What the…????’  What on earth was the matter?
“There’s something in the water!! Bits in the water!!”
Husband handed me the flask in disgust – I couldn’t imagine what on earth the bits could be, and then I had a truly horrid thought – supposing the flask hadn’t been washed properly after the last time we used it, and it was the revolting remains of the last coffee we’d had in it? I peered in and could make out black blobs bobbing… good grief!
I opened the door and emptied the flask outside, and then I began to laugh. Blueberries!! I suddenly remember that we’d had a punnet of blueberries and it had split and for some completely random and forgotten reason, as I gathered up the spilled berries, I put them in the flask – the first thing which had apparently come to hand!
Honestly, I despair of myself sometimes, but as we sat in the services with cups of coffee before us, I did also chuckle rather a lot!


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