A place worth visiting

On a recent visit to Birmingham, we wanted to find the Jewellery Quarter… which we had tried to find previously, but somehow got misled by street signs. This time, however, we got there with the help of a friendly traffic warden. On the way we heard an extraordinary sound, as if something mechanical was being […]


Springing a leak

This wonderful fountain by Dhruva Mistry has had problems with leaks… and now the price on restoring it, again, is becoming almost prohibitive. I think it is wonderful, there is a pool, and different objects, including this reclining nude in Victoria Square in Birmingham.  The whole work is made up of four pieces,  River, Guardians, Youth and Object Variations; the […]


How many feet?

This old paved path  crosses an even older bridge over a canal in the Gas Street Basin in Birmingham. It is lumpy and bumpy and worn by millions of feet, many probably in clogs and iron shod boots on their way backwards and forwards to work.