How does my garden grow?

We were so thrilled with how well our garden did last year; our raised beds were full of lovely vegetables, our apple trees were laden with almost too much fruit, and the japonica was equally full of lovely quinces.

We were full of optimism and anticipation for this year’s harvest… there was a very warm spell in February, we even ate our lunch in the garden. Then a bitterly cold snap; blossom withered and died, seedlings shivered, took fright and wilted. My chillis which were growing confidently inside just stopped, arrested development, and the tomato plants followed suit.

Cool spring, cool summer then torrential and unending rain, for day after day… and today, guess what, the sun shone so out into the garden we went.

The onions are going to seed so we had to pull them up… these are supposed to be Stuttgarter Giants… and the red onions have done the same.
The spinach has gone mad and bolted… but at least the beetroots are coming along

Brave little beetroot plants… these came from a seed packet which was dropped in the garden; they sprouted when the packet was soaked with rain and I rescued them, potted them up and then planted them out… well, my gardener did (ie my husband!)
The lone runner bean out of nine that were planted
The single borlotti survivor out of six… and a naughty snail
At least the nettles are doing well… lovely nettle soup!
The weeds of course are flourishing; here is the carrot… yes, out of the three rows of carrots that were sown, here is the carrot… and its companion marigold. There were two dozen marigolds planted to keep away carrot fly…
Stunted chillis… one flower
You wouldn’t know but this is a gooseberry… lots of leaves, no fruit
Japonica… but no quinces this year… which means my plans to make quince wine will come to naught
Slugs and snails ate the rhubarb leaves… and most of the stems are green… no doubt they will taste alright but not very sweet.
Tim the Christmas tree is flourishing
The herbs are going mad… this is a curry plant at the front, and flowering parsley behind. I’m not sure parsley is supposed to flower so early
Red onions… more like spring onions!
But we do have an abundance of raspberries… I picked 1 1/4pounds yesterday!