Rhubarb… with a raspberry sponge topping!


I cut all our  rhubarb the other day and needing to make a pudding for tonight’s tea for my daughter’s new boyfriend, I thought I would stew it and put a sponge topping on it.

Beat 8oz (200g) caster sugar and butter or margarine (8oz, 200g)  until very pale and creamy
Add three to four eggs, depending on their size, alternating with sifted self raising flour (8 oz, 200g) Mix in fairly gently but you’re making a pudding not a fancy cake so you don’t need to be too delicate.

Do you see my cunning trick so the eggs don’t roll onto the floor?
Add some vanilla – as much as you like… I like!
I had a sudden inspiration to add some raspberries from the garden
Fold them gently in so as not to break them up
Sponge on the rhubarb… then into the oven gas mark 5ish, 350-400F, 180-190C for about 50 mins or longer if it seems very soft to the touch
The raspberries stayed whole!



  1. grumpytyke

    Rasberries are my favourite fruit and rhubarb (OK, not a fruit) comes a close second. I never thought of putting them together. Sounds lovely and makes me think a crumble with raspberries in would also be good.


    1. Lois

      Yum! I think I’m going to have to buy a new plant – mine remains green and although it has a good flavour it is not very sweet… I’ll look for a pink one this time!


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