A sunny day in Weston-super-Mare

At last some spring sunshine has come to Weston  it’s a little late for spring so  there is still a nip in the air. The blossom is just breaking out, on the trees are beginning to leaf,  and the hedgerows are beginning to green up; spring flowers are appearing in the fields and meadows and roadside verges. The sky is a brilliant blue, clear and bright and it makes everywhere look clear and bright. There aren’t many holiday makers or tourists about yet, but there are enough for the beach stall to open and start to sell buckets and spades and everything anyone might need to enjoy the golden sands.

Later on the horse-boxes will arrive with the famous Weston donkeys, and soon the land train will be chugging its way up and down the sea front. It is just warm enough to sit outside with a coffee, bright enough for sunglasses, but cool enough to keep your jacket on!

DSCF3019The fountain, and the pier bright and white in the background

DSCF3022The Weston Eye

DSCF3024The Grand Pier


  1. Val Mills

    And we had a brilliant sunny warm autumn day, many wearing shorts and short sleeve tops still. Hard to believe winter is on its way.


    1. Lois

      I love the winter/spring, autumn/winter times of year – the sudden surprises of nice or beastly weather, the contrast between what we’re leaving and what we’re moving into!


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