North Somerset Art Week

Art is alive and well and thriving in North Somerset! At present it is North Somerset Art Week, where hundreds of exhibitors open their homes and studios for visitors. Calligraphy, ceramics, dance, digital art, enamels, jewellery, music, painting, performing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, story-telling, wood… just a selection of what’s on offer.

Yesterday we went to a wonderful exhibition in Kingston Seymour, by two talented artists, Joan Hudson and Patricia Scott’s paintings and prints, and a display of Liz Humphreys amazing handbags. There was also a display of flower arranging in the local church, celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Book of Common Prayer.

Photo0302Today, after viewing the work of the Lighthouse Arts Group, at Sidcot School,  we went to the pretty village of Winscombe, to the studio of my friends, Ros and David Cuthbert who I have known since I was sixteen! Whenever we visit, to socialise or to view an exhibition  Ros and David always have something fresh and interesting on display, they always seem to be taking up new artistic challenges, and looking at things in a different way. We spent a pleasant time, admiring their fabulous work, and if you want to see some of what Ros does check out her website:

and to have a taste of David’s work:

As well as being an artist, Ros is also a singer/song-writer and if you want to hear Ros in person, listen to her here:

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