Maintaining momentum

I wrote 50,000+ words in the month of November, starting a completely new story on November 1st. I have to admit the housework and the ironing did suffer a little… and I think my husband might have become a little lonely downstairs while I was pounding away on the keyboard, but it was worth it to get so far into my story. I kept the creativity confined to when I was actually writing, at other times, my imagination was working on different stories, two strangers who by chance find themselves married…, a couple who have survived a dreadful ordeal but will their relationship survive their recovery?…  the woman who escapes with her children from a brutal husband and goes to live in a distant part of the country, living anonymously as a housekeeper to a man she has met on the internet… But gradually, as my story grew and the words mounted up, the characters and their problems began to invade my non-writing life.

Now November is over, and I am continuing to work on my story, but without that prod to reach a daily target I admit I have slowed a little. However, the story has now become quite complex with several different plot lines running so it definitely takes more thinking about. Over the last two days i have written about 3,500 words… so things are still proceeding nicely… I just have to maintain it to the finishing line!

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