Grandma… dressing up

Ida dressing upMy grandmother was obviously dressed up for something, a play, a carnival, just for fun? She was born in 1888, so she must have been between 16-20 here, I think, so this photo would have been taken just after the turn of the century. I somehow don’t imagine Edwardian young ladies dressing in boys’ costumes, but here she is, looking very dapper. The photo isn’t clear enough to see if it is an actual uniform jacket or whether she’s made an ordinary coat look like a uniform with cuffs and buttons and belt. She had two elder brothers, so maybe she borrowed something of theirs; hr father had died when she was only seven.  I can’t make out what she has on her head, and she looks as if she is wearing boots.

I only remember her as an old lady, she died when I was eight, but my mum looked so like her, it could almost be my mum!

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