Where am I?

As I was getting ready to go out yesterday I thought to myself that I had better put my big boots on, and an extra jumper under my coat, and I was wondering where my furry hat was and thinking how much I liked going out in the snow, crunching my way through it… when I realised there is no snow outside! It hasn’t been snowing! It is winter but fairly mild… however in the story I’m writing they are having a dreadful winter, snow, slush, ice, biting cold winds laden with sleet… it’s been dreadful for the Radwinters… but here in Somerset its fine!

A similar thing happened at the weekend when I was talking to my cousin and I was just about to exclaim, ‘Oh, by the way, I won the pub quiz last week!’ when I realised it was one of my characters who had won, I didn’t even go to a pub quiz last week!

I have been so caught up in the world of my characters that the edges are becoming a little blurred… I’m not actually going potty (as a friend so delightfully said the other day) I do know what is real and what is fiction… and I expect that I will be distanced from it all when I finish the story and start editing it… but in the meantime, I am rather amused by how involved I am with my creativity at the moment!

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