An unexpected arrival

I don’t know if other writers find the same thing as I do… I guess if you plan your work to the nth degree you probably don’t but when I start writing I usually only have a vague notion where I’m going. maybe it’s a collection of characters and I want to write about their relationship, maybe it’s a situation which I want to explore, maybe its a puzzle or mystery I want to unpick, but generally I have no distinct path that I am following – and sometimes I only have a vague notion of the destination, and sometimes I have no idea at all where I and my characters and story are going to end up.

  • In ‘Farholm’, I had no idea that there was going to be a hippy commune on the island, and yet the commune has now cropped up in another of my novels,, as yet unpublished ‘The Story of Frederico Milan’.
  • In ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’, a dinner guest in the third chapter, who was only invited by the host to make up the party becomes main player and a major character – he just storms in and takes over! A music venue also appeared called the Bolton Spanner, and that has reappeared in ‘night vision’ and ‘Magick’
  • In ‘night vision’ a skeleton is discovered after a ferocious storm in a boat-yard, and this leads to a whole new back story for one of the characters, involving infidelity, sibling rivalry and murder
  • A missing and previously unknown brother appears unexpectedly in ‘Flipside’
  • Chrissie Elgard Books is an independent bookshop which first appears in ‘The Double Act’ and reappears in ‘Lucky Portbradden’ – both of which have yet to be published, and the bookshop is also in the Radwinter trilogy
  • In the Radwinter trilogy, my genealogical mysteries, there are all sorts of unexpected (unexpected to me as the writer) events, characters, situations and relationships. One person starts off as the office junior, almost as a  minor character in the background, and is now a main player.

Writing is full of unexpected surprises and excitement!!




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