What to do with soggy chocolate cake

I don’t think my oven is working properly… after many years and two children’s worth of cake making, things don’t seem to be going right… my cakes don’t seem to be going right… Maybe it’s the oven… either it’s not working properly or it needs cleaning… It must not be working right!

Way back in February I was going to make a heart-shaped chocolate cake for my English Conversation class for St Valentine’s Day… Oh dear… even after extra cooking and then leaving in a warm oven it was still very soggy in the middle… I didn’t have time to deal with it, so quickly made another, just a plain round one and it was OK, and when  the soggy heart was cold I put it in a bag in the freezer.

Last week we’d been shopping and accidentally bought rather a lot of frozen stuff… I rearranged the freezer and found the chocolate and good grief, another two chocolate cakes… my baking certainly hasn’t been up to standard. In actual fact, one of the cakes, when I unwrapped it wasn’t a cake at all but a pile of pancakes, so those we consumed quite easily…

But what to do with the soggy (still soggy) cakes. I had an inspiration; I got out the blender and put the cakes into to be whizzed, thinking I’d have a load of cake crumbs I could make into something else, but instead, due to the soggy nature of the cake which I had underestimated, I ended up with a huge ball of what looked like cookie dough… I spread it in a couple of tray-bake trays and put it into a moderate oven… an hour later I had what amounted to a rather delicious chocolate brownie! Hurrah! So now I know what to do with soggy cakes!

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