Desert Island Discs in a war zone

Desert Island Discs is a radio programme with a simple premise… a well-known person imagines themselves stranded on a desert island with only eight pieces of their favourite music, plus a book of their choice and a luxury – they do also get the Bible and the Complete Works of Shakespeare. it is really a vehicle for the presenter to interview them about their life and the reason for their celebrity and over the years there have been people from all walks of life interviewed.

Some programmes are more interesting than others; it’s amazing what people reveal about themselves in this apparently simple interview programme. Some people you would think would be really interesting, just aren’t, others who seem fairly ordinary show themselves to be really extraordinary. Some people  are very famous, some are only famous in their own field.

Today’s programme was interviewing a surgeon called David Nott; just an ordinary chap from an ordinary background, although he does have mixed Welsh/Indo-Burmese heritage, he became a surgeon – and from working in NHS hospitals, he was drawn into working across the world in war and disaster zones. His story involved some very moving descriptions of things he had to deal with, and some interesting insights into not only his life and the work he did, but the effects it had on him. There is a fascinating story of his meeting with the queen, and as this is her 90th birthday weekend, his tribute to her was pertinent and revealing.

Here is a link to the programme site, and you may be able to listen to the podcast, or download the MP3:

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