Dupton pudding…

I’ve been pondering on puddings… some are obvious, fruit puddings, spice puddings, other ingredients such as chocolate or golden syrup, some are named after places or people… but then I came upon Dupton pudding… what a strange name… is it a place? No, no it’s not, I cannot find anywhere in the world which has the name Dupton – either a town or village a road or avenue, a river, lake or mountain, there are no Duptons.

So people? People named Dupton?

The 1861 census:

  • Mary Dupton, born 1828 – Harewood, Yorkshire, aged 33,  head of household, married, and her daughter, Eliza W. Dupton, born 1857 – Harewood, Yorkshire, aged 4,  – scholar
  • James Dupton, born 1791 – Bedworth, Warwickshire, aged 70 – Chelsea Pensioner and his wife, Jane Dupton, born 1810 –  Leeds, Yorkshire, aged 51 – seamer

Mary Dupton married but with no husband, and Jane Dupton who works as a seamer and whose husband is a Chelsea Pensioner, even though they are living in Hinkley, Leicestershire – a long way from Chelsea.

So to the 1871 census, two sisters, presumably, Ruth and Hannah Dupton, servants to the splendidly named MacHells, father and daughter, along with six other servants:

  • John MacHell, born 1802 Lancashire, aged 69,head
  • Madeline MacHell , born 1839 Lancashire , aged 32, daughter
  • Ruth Huddart, born 1821 Cumberland, aged 50, servant
  • Mary Bellman, born 1833 Westmorland, aged 38, servant
  • Anne Fleming, born 1846 Lancashire , aged 25, servant
  • Ruth Dupton, born 1846 Cumberland, aged  25, servant
  • Hannah Hetherington, born 1850 Cumberland, aged 21, servant
  • Thomas Carlisle,born 1852 Cumberland ,aged 19, servant
  • William Postlethwaite, born 1852, Lancashire, aged 19, servant
  • Hannah Dupton, born 1855 Cumberland, aged 16, servant

In the 1911 there are two more sisters named Dupton – the previous pair, Hannah and Ruth have disappeared:

  • Edith Dupton, born 1876 Mancheter Ardwick, aged 35, head of household, general servant domestic
  • Ethel Dupton, born 1886 Manchester West Gorton, aged 25, sister, paper bag maker
  •  Jane Oldfield, born 1838 Manchester, aged 73, widow, boarder
  • Mary Price, born 1848 Leeds, aged 63, widowed aunt

There are no other census records for Dupton, but there are some other Duptons who are born, marry and die, without appearing on any census:


Two little boys,  John in 1945 and Graham in 1978


  • Mary Jane Dupton 1907
  • Francis Dupton 1911
  • William E Dupton to Miss Pinnington 1912
  • Isaac Dupton to Miss Hutchinson 1920
  • Iris Dupton  to Mr Bozzini 1947
  • Ronald Dupton to Miss Pearson 1952


  • Sarah Dupton in 1945

Emigration to the USA:

  • Harris E Dupton 1893
  • A Dupton 1906

So who of these few Duptons gave the recipe the name, Dupton? The recipe published in 1936 in Modern Practical Cookery?

Here it is:

Dupton pudding

  • 4 oz breadcrumbs
  • 1 gill apricot syrup
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 gill milk
  • tinned apricots, cut into thin slices
  • 1 oz blanched almonds, flaked
  • 1 oz castor sugar
  • butter for dish
  1. beat eggs well and add sugar, milk, apricot syrup and beat again
  2. sprinkle layer of breadcrumbs into the bottom of a very well buttered dish
  3. layer apricots, and continue to layer breadcrumbs and fruit, finishing with breadcrumbs on top
  4. carefully pour on egg mixture and leave to stand for half an hour
  5. sprinkle with almonds then bake in a moderate oven for about thirty minutes until firm and brown
  6. serve at once with whipped cream

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